Summer IS:

1. Getting outside and hiking towards this.

Mt. Rainer

2. Dreaming up ways to scale this.

The Cliffs of Insanity?

3. Realizing one's limitations and contenting self with a "hike" through the semi-melting snow of Paradise.

Kelsey, always glamorous, even with little men on her head.

4. Camp crafts that should never go out of style.

5. New endeavors.
Scott's handiwork.

6. Loving these faces.

Look at them. How can you not?

7. And these.

Special, wonderful, dear friends.

8. Even this.

Jershua, King of the Creepers

9. Taking time to...cheer the brave souls peeping through the stubborn snow of the Cascades.

10. Content after hiking through this.

11. Remembering this.

We are...images of God.

12. Coming home to this.

Peanut. Picture compliments of M.G.

13. Enjoying a road-trip day, but anxious to get back to this girl.

Winny and her "burger."

14. And this guy.

15. Oh, and this little one.

16. And always, them.


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Jesse said...

I love it. Great pictures, great post.